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Federal law mandates that all citizens are entitled to due process and equal treatment under the law in regards to the enjoyment of life, liberty, property, and protection. Your civil rights include freedom of speech, press, assembly, the right to vote, equality in public places, and freedom from involuntary servitude. These rights are protected in public places; you cannot be discriminated against based on race, sex, religion, physical limitation, national origin, or age. Civil rights infractions involve an individual being discriminated upon and having their rights denied or interfered with due to their membership in a particular group or class.

If any of your rights have been infringed upon, hiring legal counsel may be your best course of action. Whether you’ve recently been arrested and detained without cause or discriminated against in a public setting, Allan Grubb Attorney at Law is ready to represent you and help you seek justice.

Legal malpractice carried out by law enforcement or other officials can include false arrests, false imprisonment, government abuse, and more. When you’re seeking compensation due to governmental injustice, Allan Grubb Attorney at Law will aggressively advocate your cause.

Call Allan Grubb Attorney at Law to hire a professional with a deep understanding of your civil rights and we’ll do everything in our power to help you find justice!

We represent clients for civil right issues relating to:

  • False imprisonment
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  • Abuse by government
  • Civil rights claims
  • Business disputes
  • Complex litigation
  • Property litigation
  • And more